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House of SAKI is a reliable trading partner. Due to the company’s know-how it is perfectly equipped to meet the requirements of demanding trading partners.

House of SAKI offers full service to all trading partners and exclusive models are developed and produced to suit each individual market. The design team are committed to continually challenge their technical expertise. House of SAKI have been working with leather during 30 years and acquired extensive knowledge. The main goal is to ensure that the trading partner can meet the demand made by its market.

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The trading side of the business has grown thanks to costumer demand. Due to our know-how, we are perfectly equipped to meet the requirements of demanding trading partners.
Large retail chains that normally source their own garments often choose to make an exception when it comes to outwear and especially leather. As a living material the demands made by transport, finishing and fitting are best dealt with by experts. House of SAKI offers full service to our trading partners. Together we develop and produce exclusive models to suit each individual market. We make it our business to ensure that you can meet the demands made by your market.
During the 30 years we have been working with leather, we have acquired extensive knowledge – so we know what is needed. For example, how will weather conditions affect the garments? We have the know-how and resources to adjust production to solve such problems. In this way you can be sure that your products are of the quality you expect, and that deliveries will arrive on time.
We are committed to continually challenge our technical expertise. Working closely with subcontractors enables us to produce the garment that costumers want to buy. Our design team is constantly looking for new applications and ingenious ways to use leather – exciting prints, incorporating fabric into designs, and so on – leading the way in innovative design.

With our many years in the business, we have developed long lasting relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors. Quality control is crucial when dealing with leather, as a living material it requires very careful handling. We source the best raw materials from all over the world depending on the type and quality required. We always inspect on site and supervise packing before shipment to ensure tight quality control throughout the manufacturing process.
Once you have placed your order, received and approved the sample based on it, we do the rest – from production to delivery. There is no need for you to be involved in handling the goods. Quality control at House of SAKI is your guarantee that you as a costumer will be eminently satisfied with the garment you receive.                                               

House of SAKI – a reliable trading partner!

House of SAKI are specialists in the art of design and manufacturing of high quality garment. Leather, fabric, fur and faux fur – for men and women of all ages.
Our successful trademarks – ROCKANDBLUE and SAKI, embrace a wide range of customers. Both customers and retailers recognize them as reliable brands of high quality and good value.
Our company´s aim is to be specialists in our field of business, and to offer a wide selection of clothing to the market with collections of choice at competitive prices to our customers.

House of SAKI is a significant player in Sweden. We are expanding in Europe. With our own highly skilled design team we are able to compete on an international scale. Furthermore, our range has grown in recent years to include fabric garments as a natural complement to leather and fur.
Our collections are designed with the international market in mind. We have established a position as a supplier on the pan-European market and our aim is to continuously develop and strengthen that position.
Our vision is to be a market leader among trading houses with the emphasis on style and state-of-the-art quality, logistics and stock control. Working together with partners all over the world we intend to make products from House of SAKI available in shops throughout Europe.
House of SAKI is fully prepared for new market achievements.