Remember to care for your garment – treat stains, ventilate the garment from time to time and always wash with mild and environmentally certified detergents. By doing so you are kind to both your jacket and the environment. When it’s time to change your jacket, remember that its lifespan is not yet over! Hand it in for recycling or donate it to second hand and it will continue to be useful.








Many of our garments are treated with BIONIC-FINISH® ECO/DWR impregnation (Durable Water Repellent treatment) which causes the water droplets to bead and run off the fabric when it is raining. This type of treatment may need reactivation after you have used the jacket for a while. When you notice that the water no longer beads on the surface of the garment you can try tumble drying the jacket on low heat to recover the properties of the impregnation. If that doesn’t work, the jacket may need to be impregnated again. How often re-impregnation is needed depends on how heavily soiled the garment has become and often the garment is used.

Think of the environmental aspect when re-impregnating your garment – use an environmentally friendly impregnation without fluorocarbons and solvent. Remember to always wash the jacket before impregnating it. We recommend to never use fabric softener when washing. Partly since the water repellent treatment (Bionic Finish) on our garments gets dissolved by softener, but mainly because fabric softener is not environmentally friendly.



Some of our technical garments get their water-repellent effect from a membrane on the back of the fabric, not of surface treatment. Therefore, you should always test whether your garment really needs to be re-impregnated or not.


BIONIC-FINISH® ECO is a finishing treatment of textiles that provides dirt- and water-repellent properties. The product is based on a fluoride-free recipe, which is completely different from traditional impregnations which contains CFCs. CFCs are a harmful chemical group that takes a lot long time for nature to break down while spreading easily through air and water. Fluorocarbons can also operate as endocrine disruptors and damage our reproductive capacity. BIONIC-FINISH® ECO is biodegradable and completely free from the harmful chemicals fluorocarbons, formaldehyde and paraffin. The polymers in the finish form a protective structure on the surface of the textile so that the water molecules cannot penetrate the fabric, since the water molecule is larger than that of the polymer.